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Plastics are the most productive materials comparing to the consumption of raw materials.

Only a part  (about 4%) of world oil sources is used for production of plastics.

Thanks to plastics use we have significantly reduced the weight of cars  and in the aftermath of this  a consumption of gasoline and CO2.  

In a result of using  plastics in packaging  the weight of the packaging is less 4 times. Fuel consumption has been significantly reduced  and the volume of waste has been reduced  about 2 times.

Thanks to plastics  our health and safety has been improved (medical equipment, air bags, safety belts, safety helmets etc.)

The use of plastics in the recovery energy sources (wind turbines, sun panels) influences on the improvement of our life quality.

Lack of proper community education and consciousness of  decision making units resulted  that plastics  are  very often pointed as the cause of many environment problems instead of consumer behavior and proper regulations of recycling .Anyway if our activities are not supported by others this knowledge will stay common only for the small group of plastic processors. Nowadays in Poland and EU there are many debates and vital cases ,which concern regulations of the plastic converters activity.

If you expect from us providing current information about the branch and  support of experts in cases of regulations ,concerning the converters and also in individual cases, we are able to manage it.


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