List of members

AKPOL ADAM KUŚ deals with recycling of plastic waste. We produce: HDPEAKPOL regranulate - for extrusion and blow molding operations in the following colors: black, green, blue, gray and natural; PPAKPOL regranulate - for injection operation in colors: black, blue, dark terracotta, light terracotta. We buy HDPE and PP waste.

ALPLA OPAKOWANIA Z TWORZYW SZTUCZNYCH Sp. z o.o. specializes in the production of comprehensive plastic packaging solutions, perfectly tailored to the requirements of cutomers providing the optimal response to market needs. Key technologies are based on the processing of plastics: PET, HDPE, PP for the needs of markets: food - mainly water and beverages as well as cosmetics and home and industrial chemistry. We are innovative and support modern solutions and technologies, but above all, we operate in a sustainable way, with a view to the natural environment and the future of next generations.

AQUA Sp. z o.o.   manufactures pipes from thermoplastic PVC-U and PE.

ART PLAST Sp. z o.o.  producer of granules from modified plastics (primary and secondary), stadium seats (seats) and technical fabrics made from PP. The company has a quality management system ISO 9001: 2008. We provide services in the field of compounding and regranulation of such materials as: PET, PC, PA, PP, PE, SAN, ABS. We manufacture details by injection molding for individual orders. We specialize in the processing of engineering plastics based on condensation polymers (PET, PA), which require earlier drying proces of raw material.

ARTEK OPAKOWANIA Sp.z o.o. producer of bags in different dimensions, shapes and colors, also on individual order. We offer flexo printing to our customers.

ARTFOL SP.J.  manufactures LDPE polyethylene film from raw materials derived from recycling of plastic waste in the form of: tapes, sleeves, half-sleeves, construction foils.

BEDEKO EUROPE  Sp. z o.o. 

BEDEKO EUROPE Company is producer and distributor of masterbatches, additives, fillers and polymers offering complex range of products for polymer converters. We’re owner of independent chemical Bedeko brand from German origin. We are focused on the business of global supply best solutions with customers of chemicals, plastics and recycling.

BILPLAST S.A.  with 185 employees has a modern machine park - 24 injection molding machines. We hold a quality management system ISO 9001 and ISO / TS 16949 and environmental management ISO 14001. We produce household appliances, furniture, water meters, sanitary ware, parts for the automotive industry. We offer measurements using a 3D scanner. 

C2C sp. z o.o. deals with the production of standardized and personalized foil packages: plastic bags, food pouches, garbage bags and bags for industrial applications.

The Circular Packaging Design team consists of specialists and scientists experienced internationally in the field of plastics processing, material engineering and design, possessing unique know-how. We offer new solutions designed by us, consistent with the EU assumptions and coherent with the "Strategy for Plastics" announced by the EU in January 2018. As part of our activity, we not only develop our own solutions, but also work with our partners to redesign existing packaging in line with Circular Economy guidelines. We work with commercial networks, food producers, plastic processors operating on the domestic market and globally.

Cedo sp. o.o. is part of the Cedo holding, with factories in Poland, England, the Netherlands and Vietnam. We manufacture and distribute disposable household items under the Paclan brand and under the clients' own brands. We deal with recycling of plastic household waste and production of regranulates.

EKO PLASTIK SYSTEM sp. o.o. has been operated on the market for 18 years. The company manufactures LDPE film from both original raw materials and recycled content. The maximum width of the film is 6000 mm. We employ 27 people. The well-managed company has professional maintenance services and a team of employees prepared and trained to perform the functions entrusted. In 2016, we produced about 180 tons of film. New investments in 2017 has increase the capacity of production.

ECOPLASTIC TECHNOLOGIES SP.J.   distributor of oxodegradable d2w and biodegradable d2p.

ERGIS S.A.  is the biggest manufacturer of PE stretch film on the Polish market, including nanoERGIS® film (stretchable, used, among others, for wrapping loads on pallets) and a leading manufacturer of PVC products: soft (insulating and specialized) foams and granulates. An important segment of the Group's activity is the production of rigid PVC, PVC / PE and PET films apply to the production of pharmaceutical, food and technical packaging. The Group also manufactures flexible food laminates and PET tapes (apply to binding of medium heavy and heavy products and loads), PVC heat shrink films (used, among others, for packing food products) and a distributor of BOPP film (used mainly for the production of packaging).

EWAN-FOL Sp. z o.o.  was created in 2001 by the owner of Z.T.Sz. WEDA and his daughters. The company specializes in  production of plastic packaging such as  t-shirt bag, market bag and the pouch - upper open side folds have side tucks. . On all our packaging we make professional prints, including photo printing.

FABRYKA OPAKOWAŃ Sp. z o.o.  - one of the most thriving film packaging production plants on the eastern side of the Vistula. The factory offers both semi-finished products in the form of tapes, foil sleeves as well as finished products such as garbage bags, carrier bags from HDPE, LDPE and MDPE films, both in the form of originals and regranulates.

FPH PATCAR  manufactures desktop accessories, laboratory diagnostics products and deals with the comprehensive production of dies. At present moment, we conduct customers throughout the entire product development process, from designing to injection molding to serial production. We focus on quality and the highest level of products, constantly caring for modern software and machine park.

FOL-PLAST ZAWADKA Sp. z o.o. Sp.k.  manufactures
- polyethylene films: LDPE, HDPE, MDPE
- LDPE, HDPE, MDPE garbage bags and carrier bags
- flexographic imprints
- also deals with the recycling of plastic waste.

GEORG UTZ Sp. z o.o. is a manufacturer of transport containers, pallets and moldings for technical parts made of plastic. We are part of the Swiss group Georg Utz Holding AG - a leading player on the market of warehouse and transport solutions. We offer among others: containers for stacking, rotating, folding, courier, isothermal, antistatic, packaging for hazardous materials and pallets. Utz products are manufactured in the injection molding technology and / or in the vacuum forming process. The company specializes in solutions implemented for individual customer needs. Utz solutions apply to the following sectors:  automotive, electronics, food and pharmaceutical industries as well as in distribution and trade. Georg Utz supplies products to, among others: Bosch, Cadbury, Delphi, Opel, Philips, Polpharma, Viessmann and Volkswagen. We hold certificates: ISO 9001: 2008.

GIEROS MARCIN GIEROS  Our specialty is modern production of plastic components, complex injection molds and other products for the automotive, medical, cosmetics and food industries. We make a free selection of dye according to the PANTONE or RAL number. If you do not have knowledge about plastics, we invite you. If you have knowledge about materials, we invite you to learn more, maybe we will learn something new.

  • GRANCOLOR Michał Chabior  specializes in production of mixtures of pigments and color concentrates for plastics. We also offer additives improving the properties of products.

GRANPOL Sp. z o.o.  specializes in the production of granulates. Granules from the GRANWIN group (plasticized DEHP and not containing DEHP) produced on the basis of PVC are applicable in the footwear and automotive sector. The Granter-based granules based on thermocouples are also used in the footwear industry. The granules produced by the company under the name Granseb are suitable for technical applications. The company also offers plastic coloring concentrates.

GRUPA AZOTY JRCH SP. Z O.O.  jest przedsiębiorstwem usługowo-produkcyjnym świadczącym .: usługi specjalistyczno-ratownicze, wykonywanie prac szczególnie niebezpiecznych, utylizacja i składowanie odpadów (w tym także odpadów niebezpiecznych) komunalnych, azbestu (firma posiada i eksploatuje około 200 ha składowisk), oczyszczanie mechaniczne, biologiczne i chemiczne ścieków przemysłowych oraz recykling tworzyw sztucznych, sprzedaż chemikaliów i konfekcjonowanie nawozów.

INSTYTUT CHEMII PRZEMYSŁOWEJ  Industrial Chemistry Research Institute (ICRI) - the largest chemical research institutes in Poland.The main tasks of the Institute are: scientific research focusing on applications, development, design and industrial application activities in the field of chemistry. It is a research center that meets European standards, both in the field of research and development potential as well as in the field of research and development carried out, transferring "science to industry", contributing to the European Research Area. Currently, the Institute's activities focus on the development of new, innovative chemical technologies and modernization of already implemented processes, on research and development work in the fields of: chemistry, biotechnology, development of new research and analytical techniques, polymer plastics processing, sector development and industry development research chemical, and activities for the benefit of the economy and society. For 60 years, the Institute has been the publisher of the "Polimery" monthly.

INSTYTUT INŻYNIERII MATERIAŁÓW POLIMEROWYCH I BARWNIKÓW   conducts scientific research and development works in the field of materials engineering and technology of manufacturing, processing, modification and application of polymeric materials, paint and varnish technologies, processing, recycling and the use of rubber and elastomers, construction of machines, devices, tools and complete technological lines for polymeric materials processing, certification and standardization activities, training activities, protection of industrial property and scientific and technical information.

KOMPOL sp. z o.o. is a distribution and production company founded in 1989, which specializes in deliveries to nationwide retail chains and drugstores. Kompol Sp. z o.o. deals in the production of plastic flat and carrier bags, foil gloves, stretch film, thermo-insulating bags, waste bags and containers for food. The Kompol offer also includes block and folded paper bags as well as paper for food packaging.

LAMELA Sp. z o.o. Sp.k. produces articles by injection molding: gardening, kitchen, gravestone. We offer service for the production of custom-made parts on injection molding machines with clamping forces from 86 to 1200 tons. It offers custom injection molds according to individual customer needs.

MARVINK SP.J. manufactures HDPE, MDPE, LDPE carrier bags, also for individual orders from 6 to 30 microns with the possibility of 4-color printing on both sides of the bag. We offer also breakfast bags and garbage bags.

MAL-PLAST  manufactures polypropylene and polyethylene regranulates. We provide services in the scope of grinding, washing and granulation of plastic waste.

NICATOR Sp. z o.o. Sp.k.  manufactures stretch films "cast" and "blow" films, colored stretch films, PE film for food packaging, bags of various sizes, including garbage bags and HDPE pouches for food contact, carrier HDPE bags i.e. T-shirt, also with prints and other packages on the customer's order. We also deal with the recycling of polyethylene technological waste, we offer PE regranulate.

PPH MARC-TH is a producer of a wide range of clothing hangers and kitchen, bathroom and turquoise articles made of plastic. The company employs 120 people, sells its products on the Polish market and abroad, including Germany, France, Austria, Russia, the Czech Republic and Lithuania.

PPH OKSAN deals in veneering: PVC, aluminum, steel profiles, window sills, guides and cassettes for external blinds, skirting boards and other atypical elements.

PPH POLFOL  offers PEHD and PELD film in the form of a sleeve, half-sleeve as well as tapes. We manufacture bags with imprint from single or multi-layer PELD film approved for contact with food. We manufacture carrier bags with print on individual orders and also offer waste bags.

  • PPH PRO-PAK  We produce single use HDPE bags type t-shirts (in various colors, sizes and film thickness adapted to the purpose of the bag), HDPE bags with a "bean" cut-out, HDPE bags for food packaging, "calendar" type HDPE bags, film sleeves and industrial bags, bags and oxo-degradable bags. We also offer individual prints on carrier and garbage bags.

PPHU ANNA  deals in the recycling of plastic waste. We offer regranulates LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE, PP. We also provide regranulation service in this area. Regranulate can be offered in basic colors with the possibility of any color at the customer's request. We also processe waste with printing.

PPHU MARTEX  deals with the production of HDPE and LDPE films. We produce HDPE carrier and garbage bags, bags for different applications and tablecloths. We also distribute and supply companies and other entities with cleaning products and household chemicals. In our offer we also have the basic products of supplying catering facilities and restaurants.

KOMPLAST  deals in the production of plastic parts - from polypropylene, polyamide and polystyrene using the molds designed and made by the company. We produce, among others printing accessories, such as handles and file locks; garden items - like tomato clips and bows to strengthen the bunch; casings for car scents and decorative items.

PUPH JUREX Sp. z o.o.  is a producer of transparent and colored PET film. We also manufacture PVC and PE products: gutter systems, roof lining, internal and external sewage systems, water pipes and connections, ventilation and sewage accessories, pipes and other drainage elements.

REPLAS Recycling Plastics Sp. z o.o. supplies HDPE  and PP re-granulates designed for injection moulding and extrusion suitable for processing technologies and meeting the customer's performance requirements. The company provides service for  re-granulation of recovered technological scrap  with modification of its parameters. REPLAS re-granulates, enriched and modified in tested procedures holds properties as good as virgin materials.

ROSTI POLAND Sp. z o.o.  is part of the international Rosti Group dealing in injection molding of plastics. Rosti Poland develops, manufactures, assembles and even supplies ready-to-sell products. Rosti manages the entire material list of the product and offers deliveries on the principle of a consignment warehouse, which results in an efficient supply chain. Everything from one source, on time and one step ahead of the competition. Thanks to our engineering skills and project management, we support our clients in finding solutions for efficient production processes and reducing time to market.

SIPEKO Sp. z o.o.  deals with the production of pro-ecological garbage bags. We currently supply withh over 5,000 tons of plastic bags the Polish and European market per year. Our bags are used in households, workplaces, offices, institutions, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, etc. Our products are created with particular care for the natural environment, in such a way that they do not contribute to increasing the overall weight of waste produced in the world.

ŚLIWA PLASTIC INJECTION MOULDING Sp. z o.o. The scope of our production includes: details manufactured for the automotive and energy industries, assembly of subassemblies and car switches, and printing with the pad printing method. We also manufacture and assemble parts and subassemblies for agricultural machines as well as we realize individual customer orders.

TWORZYWA-MEDIA  is the publisher of the magazine Tworzywa, which presents economic and technical issues of plastics processing. The magazine, the exclusive press patron of the Plastpol Fair, is being created in cooperation with the Italian Macplas magazine. The title remains a property of Polish Union of Plastics Converters, which exercising overall control over the magazine and its substantive content.

VECOPAK  deals with the production of LDPE bags for garbage and waste. The bags are made of carefully selected recycling materials or primary materials. The range of products: bags packed in the label sleeve , by sticker, KITTY bags. We also offer "Plastronic" volumetric dispensers for dosing of materials, components and dyes in the form of granules.

ZAKŁAD CHEMICZNY VINYLEX Sp. z o.o. manufactures PVC foils. The offer includes hard films 0.14-0.2 mm transparent and in 7 colors, Christmas fimls - corona, matt and gloss fimls; also in the offer knotted films or the production of Christmas trees, reeds, garlands. Is a producer of high-speed films for vacuum forming, hard or modified plates for printing, stamping for advertising items.

ZAKŁAD PRZETWÓRSTWA TWORZYW SZTUCZNYCH D.SMOŁECKI  manufactures grden and nursery pots made from plastic.

ZAPTECH Sp.J. Sobańscy  has been operating on the market since 1995. We secialize in the recycling of  technical plastics used in the automotive industry as well as electronics and household appliances. The company produces plastic regranulates and products made of LDPE: sleeves, hoods, bags, etc. The production processes is supervised by a specialized laboratory. From 2014, the entire Zaptech business is covered by an integrated quality management system compliant with the following standards: PN-EN ISO 9001: 2009

ZPHU SLAWPOL  Sławomir Kalinowski is a company specializing in the production of polyethylene film and packaging film with flexographic printing. We have been producing technical films since 1992. We are a member of the Mazovian Chemical Cluster and the West Pomeranian Chemical Cluster "Green Chemistry". We offer full commitment of the owners and the entire team of Sławpol, 25 years of experience and a modern machine park.

ZPTS  DON-KWIAT  manufactures garden and production pots made of plastic, available in various shapes and sizes. Appropriate product quality allows not only domestic sales, but also foreign sales to customers in the Netherlands, Germany, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Russia.

ZTS WEDA in Kętrzyn, managed by Władysław Kwasniewski since 1984, is one of the largest producers of plastic packaging. We offer market bags, handles, underpads, T-shirts and films made of LDPE, HDPE, MDPE and 3-layer films. Thanks to the most modern technologies, we offer photo realistic flexographic, cmyk and pantone prints up to eight colors, one and two-sided.