23 Nov

Dr. Tadeusz Nowicki becomes new Vice-President of EuPC

Tadeusz Nowicki, President of the Polish Union of Plastics Converters and President of ERGIS Group, has been appointed Vice-President of European Plastics Converters (EuPC).

Tadeusz Nowicki was nominated during a meeting of the EuPC Steering Committee on Nov. 10 in Brussels, at the request of its new President, Mr. Benoit Hennaut, CEO of Polyvia.

In addition to the President and Vice-President, the Committee includes Treasurer Claude Clément (Plastic Omnium Europe CEO) and twelve other members.

Tadeusz Nowicki is the founder and co-owner of ERGIS Group, and a long-time President of the Polish Union of Plastics Converters, which belongs to the Polish Confederation Lewiatan.

“I am honored to be appointed Vice-President of EuPC. Thank you for putting your trust in me. I'm glad to stay part of this distinguished group, while having a greater impact on the decisions made by EuPC. This is particularly important at the time when the entire industry is facing numerous challenges linked to legislative changes and fast-changing market environment. I'm hopeful that the EuPC we will make Europe appreciate again the advantages of plastics, which are contributing to the protection of the environment", says Tadeusz Nowicki, President of the Polish Union of Plastics Converters.

Set up in 1989 and based in Brussels, EuPC is an EU association of plastics converters. Its main goal is to contribute to the creation of rational conditions for the use of plastics in Europe. EuPC represents 28 national associations and 18 sectoral organizations and 50,000 companies producing over 50 million tons of goods, creating a strong voice of the European plastics processing industry.

The plastics converters industry in Poland is represented by more then 7500 companies, mainly SMEs, which employ a total of around 160,000. people.