17 Jan

Draft EC New Legislation for Food Contact Recycled Plastics

The European Commission has been working for three years on a new regulation on recycled materials in contact with food, which will replace Regulation EC 282/2008. The draft regulation was released for consultation on 6 December, with a deadline of 18 January. The industry has been quite critical of the new regulation, judging that the new draft would result in severe restrictions on the use of recycled food contact materials instead of making it more efficient. In the face of challenges posed by the European Union's plans, often also promoted by other stakeholders such as pro-environmental organizations, it is necessary to implement the idea of Circular Economy and return as much waste stream as possible to production, limiting the use of primary raw materials. However, the project, which should be aimed at materializing this idea and creating tools for realization of goals connected, for example, with plans of introducing obligatory content of recyclate in finished products, definitely hinders even the currently worked out processes. Below the draft and comments of EuPC sent to the Commission for consultation.