06 Jul

SUP Directive not impletented in Poland as of 3rd of July 2021

PUPC informs that due to lack of current regulations introducing so-called SUP Directive to the polish law (the Directive limits the usage of certain single-use plastic products) from 3rd of July 2021 there will be no changes in this area. The exact date of entry into force of these regulations (which is the responsibility of the Ministry of Climate and Environment) is currently unknown. The regulations are only the EU provisions, so far not implemented into the Polish legal system.

In view of the contradictory information appearing in the public on the possible restrictions from 3rd of July 2021, we inform you that the relevant regulations to implement the SUP Directive into the Polish legal system have not been adopted yet.

They were supposed to come into force as of the mentionned date, but at present they are being drafted by the Ministry of Climate and Environment. This means that the legislative process is at a very early stage. As of today, there is no information from the Ministry of Climate and Environment of a  possible date of entry into force.

The above means that as of July 3 this year, there will be no changes in the trade of single-use plastic products, and the current regulations will remain in force.