23 Mar

PUPC WARNING: for safety, buy food only in plastic packaging

PUPC Press Release 20.03.2020

In the event of a direct threat to health and life, we should obtain products that guarantee safety. In the case of food, such certainty is guaranteed by products tightly packed in plastics, because only them - in contrast to unpacked products - were manufactured basing on the strictest hygiene regimes and in a bio-safe atmosphere.

 Plastics processed at temperatures above 100 degrees definitely eliminate coronavirus, while products packed in transparent plastic packaging -prevent the desire to open and manipulate them, and through its high barrier protect the product against germs. Barrier trays and foils significantly extend the "use by" date, limiting the access of oxygen, and thus the development of microorganisms, without the need for additional preservatives.

The Chief Sanitary Inspectorate in Poland states that in maintaining microbiological safety of food, it is important to strictly observe the basic principles of food safety. That avoids contamination, including secondary contamination at the stage of distribution and sale. The Sanitary Inspectorate’s  recommendations for food industry also include the requirement to limit, as far as possible, the exposure of unpackaged food for direct consumption  in the shops.

PUPC calls to buy only food in tightly-closed packaging!

This is the matter of our common safety!


For further information please contact Maciej Powroźnik