18 Mar

PUPC urges: Let's protect ourselves and our families from the coronavirus, buy only food in tightly-closed packaging

PUPC Press Information 17.03.2020


The ongoing SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus pandemic requires the highest degree of caution. Special attention should be paid to the way we buy food. The Polish Union of Plastic Converters calls using food products in tightly-closed packaging in the coming weeks.

Food packed hermetically and tightly in single-use plastic packaging gives the consumer a guarantee that its production is subject to a very strict hygiene regime. That means a  guarantee of the highest degree of purity, and a biologically safe environment. Products packed in transparent plastic packaging also eliminate the urge to open and manipulate. Thanks to its high barrier, plastic as a material protect food products completely. Food packed in such a way does not come into contact with other people until it reaches the hands of the consumer. Plastics are used for the protection and guarantee the absence of insects and microorganisms that can spread diseases.

The Chief Sanitary Inspectorate in Poland states that in maintaining microbiological safety of food, it is important to strictly observe the basic principles of food safety. That avoids contamination, including secondary contamination at the stage of distribution and sale. The Sanitary Inspectorate’s  recommendations for food industry also include the requirement to limit, as far as possible, the exposure of unpackaged food for direct consumption  in the shops.

An emergency situation requires emergency measures. Health and life are the highest values requiring absolute protection. We are all responsible for taking every measure to eliminate, or at least significantly reduce, any risks that threaten these values.


For further information please contact Robert Szyman or Maciej Powroźnik