21 May

Meeting in the Ministry of Economy regarding plastic bags

Polish Union of Plastics Converters together with  EuPC(European Plastics Converters) made an appointment in the seat  of Ministry of Economyi.

We presented the industry position on EU planned changes of plastic bags regulations.

Representatives of the Ministry of Environment , Ministry of Economy and Confederation of Employers Ledwiatan participated in the meeting.

EuPC was represented by Alexandre Dangis. 

PUPC and EuPC are in favor of controled reduction of plastic bags usage mainly through payable distribution of theses goods and absolutely stop of free of charge distribution.

We propose  fees as the best way to reduce the sales and irresponsible consumption of bags.

Transfer of regulation inititives to the Member States  can result in the uncontrolled introduction of prohibitions and heterogeneous rules.

Such practices are inconsistent with the principle of free movement of goods within the EU.

Also, we believe that the EU proposal concerning a drastic reduction in the consumption of bags weighing up to 50 g may cause paradoxical increase in the consumption of bags in terms of weight.

Presumably the producers, in order to avoid restrictions, will produce thicker bags, which is not consistent with the intentions of the EU.

We oppose preference for biodegradable bags, due to the lack of scientific evidence of their favorable impact on the environment.

Representatives of the Ministry declared that they will consider our demands.

Another topic on the meeting agenda was the recycling of PVC.

A representative of the organization Vinyl Plus, who was  also invited to the meeting, described the situation in the recycling of PVC in the EU.

He pointed to the necessity of building a PVC recycling plant in Poland.

This is due to a much lower level of recovery in our country in comparison with the EU.

The issue will be further analyzed in terms of the possibility of obtaining funds for investment from the Ministry of Infrastructure and Development and to attract investors.