31 Aug

European programmes in which the Polish Plastics Converters Association takes part

In 2006, the Polish Plastics Converters Association commenced implementation of two international research projects: CEXIM Plast programme which belongs to the group of Cir-ce projects, and Pro4Plast programme implemented under the 6th Framework Programme of the European Union.

These programmes are conducted in cooperation with other European plastics associations, research institutions and production companies from the entire Europe. A member of the Polish Plastics Converters Association, Lamela, also takes part in CEXIM Plast project.

Implementation of CEXIM Plast programme was launched at the beginning of this year; the first meeting within the framework of this programme was prepared by the Polish Plastics Converters Association in Warsaw in March last year. Another stage of the works was summed up during a meeting in June 2006 in Ljubljana in Slovenia and a meeting in held in Bratislava in March this year. The anticipated deadline for the completion of the project is the year 2007.

The objective of Cir-ce CEXIM Plast project is promotion of cooperation between Austria and Central European, Eastern European and South-Eastern European countries. Within the framework of the project, identification of needs of companies in the area of product development is planned, in particular in areas related with materials data and simulation, as well as establishment of an international network assisting in transfer of innovations in the area of product development during production of plastic products by means of injection processing by small and medium-size enterprises from Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe.

Implementation of Pro4Plast project was started on September 1, 2006. The official deadline for completion is August 31, 2009. The meeting inaugurating the commencement of the project took place between the 17th and the 19th of September in Darmstadt, Germany. Pro4Plast is a very extensive research project implemented under the 6th Framework Programme of the European Union, whose anticipated completion deadline is in the year 2009.

Project Pro4Plast is a large international research project in which a number of companies from various countries will participate. The programme’s objective is strengthening the competitive position and competencies related with product development in manufacturing complex plastic elements by means of injection moulding for companies from Europe with respect to competing companies from Asia, which offer cheap plastic products. The subject matter of the project is developing a complete system for quick manufacturing of various complex plastic elements by means of injection moulding for small and medium-size enterprises. The system would encompass all project development phases: from the initial idea, feasibility analysis and prototype creation, through designing and developing the injection mould. 28 entities from various European countries take part in the programme, including 9 associations (among them the Polish Plastics Converters Association), 11 small and medium-size companies and 8 research units. New application of the innovative technology will reduce costs during preparation of the design, product development and the engineering phase by 30%. The time for marketing the product will be shortened by 50%. Certified users of the new technology and methodology will be able to guarantee a high standard of innovation and due to that they will become highly competitive suppliers for their customers.

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