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21 May

The Plastics Industry's Competitivness in Europe

In Warsaw Hilton hotel there was the most important event for plastics converters  - EuPC Annual Meeting. EuPC is the European association of converters based in Brussels, representing national associations of Europe and European sectoral associations. Polish Union of Plastics Converters shared with the EuPC the organization  two-day sessions, meetings of converters. May 21 PUPC General Assembly and EuPC Construction and  Packaging Forum have a place.. In second day of the General Meeting was held EuPC and Plastics Industry meeting, conference organized annually by PUPC. A two-day meeting attended by more than 130 managers from over 10 countries. The conference this had  a special character, was  opened by the presidents EuPC- Michael Kunkel and PlasticsEurope -Patrick Thomas. The leading topic was the competitiveness of the European plastics industry.

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